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Defeating Dark Angels Chap. 9. Getting Demons Out

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Sealing the Deal

Example of demon ‘Owner’ :  He lived in a 6-year-old alter personality  (see chap.2 myth 10)  of a young woman named ‘Elaine’ – Her alter ‘Edie’

n  Three ministry attempts had been unsuccessful at getting ‘Owner’ out.

n  Elaine had been very badly treated both by parents and in satanic rituals. Her father has used her sexually countless times and had made her available to other men. Her mother, too, had been very abusive.

n  During an especially abusive sexual experience, this alter ‘Edie’ had split off.

n  “Why wouldn’t  Jesus help me?” she pleaded. “ God did not help me, Owner did. God is bad, Owner is good to take away the pain” ; But Owner’s real motive was to destroy her.

n  The battle was for Edie’s will. Both Owner and I knew that all depended on which way she chose to go.  So I asked Jesus to assign some large angels to surround Owner.

n  I got Owner to admit that part of his power came from some curses and dedications put on Elaine/Edie by her father. — At this admission, I took authority over those curses and dedications and broke their power in Jesus  Name, by the power of his death and resurrection.

n  I claimed Jesus ‘ freeing power to take Edie’s will away from Owner and to heal the hurts she had experienced.

n  I asked Jesus to show himself  to Edie in the abusive event. But she apparently  didn’t see Him. ( as most people are able to do) perhaps she didn’t  completely understand with her 6-year- old mind.

n  Eventually she chose Jesus even though recognizing that it was risk, since Owner had promised her great pain if she chose Jesus. And the pain came. “In Jesus’ name. I bind you Owner and command you to stop causing her pain”

n  And pain stopped,  proving to her that Jesus indeed could stop pain.

n  Next, I called Owner to attention. Though he had started at perhaps a level 7 or 8 on our scale, now he seemed to be at about 2 or less. When I asked him if he was ready to go, he simply said “Okay” – lock them in box and take it to Jesus  and to dispose of the box and Owner

n  It was over and deal was sealed.  It was more difficult than most typical ministry.


Discerning Demons


: People sometimes ask me, “Do you think I have a demon?” They somehow think I can simply look at them and tell whether or not a demon is in them. I can’t. sorry!


— When I agreed to follow God rather than to wait for gifting, amazing things began to happen.  We are to seek the Giver not this or any other gift.


— Since learning to focus solely on Jesus, I’ve been learning a lot about discernment

a)      Supernatural components : words of Knowledge and wisdom

b)      Natural components : experience, ability to observe and interpret, common sense, and imagination

— the most frequent kind of discernment in ministry sessions. Keep your eyes open. –look for any overt manifestations



c)        Often the mere presence of Holy Spirit flushes demons out and causes them to act strangely.

: This may happen as the result of simply inviting of Holy Spirit to take over in aministry


d)      Demon  may manifest in response to God’s presence in worship, personal devotions, or blessings in Jesus’ name.  teaching on the topic.

e)      Visible manifestations of demonic presence may also occur in response to challenging demons to manifest themselves

f)       More common indications of demonic presence :  headache, other pain in the body, lightheadedness, feeling nauseous, stiffness or shaking of the body, unusual sleepiness, strong desire to strike the counsellor, and strong desire to run from the session

g)      Less  common manifestations ( usually indicating more severe demonization) :

Violent shaking, facial or body contortion, screaming, swearing, throwing-up, strange-looking eyes ( glazed, squinted, or rolled back) , acting out ( as with a homosexual spirit trying to seduce the counsellor) and speaking with another voice


Preparation for a Deliverance Session


1.       A deliverance session should be bathed in prayer

; Many find it helpful to fast as well.  Depend on those who pray regularly for me plus my own praying,

Try to be spiritually ready  at all times to do deliverance or to minister to any emotional or physical need.


2.       Ministering in teams is best, whenever possible

: I frequently minister alone, I like it better when others assist.

— Even without different gifting, though , they can be praying and listening to the Lord

in a way I can not during the session. : my concentration has to be on the person,

the problems and the demons, while theirs can be on listening to God more fully.

— A good number for a team is three to five

— Ask them to use a small piece of paper anything they feel they receive from the Lord

— Gather a mixture of experienced and novices

— include those with gifts of discernment  given by Holy Spirit. When God is leading,

natural abilities, experiential  insight, words of  knowledge and wisdom, all combine

to produce supernatural discernment.


3.       At the start of each Session, take authority over the place, time and people involved

a)      To take this authority – use a statement such as “  I speak in Jesus’ name against any emissaries of the Evil One  who may be here. I command you to leave. I claim this place, this time, these people for the Lord Jesus and forbid any activity by any satanic beings except what I specially command.


b)      Protection over everyone

“ I claim protection in the name of Jesus Christ for each  one of us , our families, our friends, our work associates, our property, our finances, our health, and everything else that pertains to us from any revenge or other dirty tricks from the Enemy”


c)       Cut off any spirits inside the person from help by other spirits outside or inside the people.

“ In the name of Jesus, I cut off any spirits inside this person from any help they might get from outside spirits or from any others inside the person”


d)      Forbid any violence, vomiting or any other spectacular behavior

: I forbid any spirits inside this person to cause any violence, any throwing-up or other showy behavior”


Challenging Demons 


; Once you are reasonable sure that a demon might be present and inner healing has been brought to a satisfactory point, it is time to challenge the demons


·    *     Demonic Involvement Symptoms

: compulsive behavior, disturbing dreams, strong urge toward suicide or murder, intense self-rejection, homosexuality and occult involvement, intergenerational  curse or spirit


1.       If we suspect a demon, we ask permission to test the possibility

; It is good never to go beyond what a person is willing to do.  If we ask this permission and the person refuses we go no further.


2.       I often challenge demons by looking into the person’s eyes

a)      With some persons and some demons, eyes open works better. With others it is better to work with the person’s eye shut.

b)      I usually try to challenge the demon  using whatever names of emotional or spiritual problems I suspect are being reinforced by demons.

; Spirit of ________ , I challenge you in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to come to attention.


c)       Usually I have to challenge one or more spirits several times before I get a response.

: I forbid you to hide.

d)      If I don’t have an idea of what the spirit’s name might be, I command it to tell me what it is.

; Spirit that has caused that shaking, come to attention!!


e)      The spirit may try to keep the person from maintaining eye contact, a typical diversionary tactic. ; order it to look at you. Keep control!!


f)       Forbid them to exert any control at all.

: This is power game. Demons respond only to the power exerted over them. And that Power is wielded through Holy Spirit –empowered words.


3.       Ask Jesus for powerful angels to assist

a)      I often ask the demon if he can see the angels and Jesus here with us.

: Usually they admit that they can see both the angels and Jesus


b)      This is a good sign. It intimidates them and establishes who’s in charge.


4.       Next, I try to discover what the hierarchy of spirits is

a)      I try to get whatever demon I contact to tell me who is over him.

; Sometimes I bluff them into ‘ratting’ on fellow demons  by guessingthat those tending to appear at the top are present. ( see chapter six)


b)      When I find who’s the leader, I bind all his underlings to him, so I can deal with all of them at once. ; This saves a lot of work when mas usual, there are many demons at hand

c)       As mentioned in chapter six, demons cluster in groups with one acting as head. Sometimes more than one group is in a perso, with head demons of approximately equal authority. — by the authority of Holy spirit, I tie you all together with… ( name of head spirit)

d)      I then make sure this binding together has actually happened by quizzing the head demon about whether or not all of them are bound to him. ; ask the reason not to be bound— dealing with the remaining issues usually weakens the wandering demons to the point where they join the bound ones.




Go for Intergenerational Spirits or Curses First

; Force the demon to tell you if he has any grip through inheritance

“ In the name of Jesus I command you to tell me if you have any grip through inheritance”

“ Through your mother of father?”

“ How many generations back?”

1.       If there is an intergenerational root, I say something like the following :

“ In the name of Jesus I take authority over that ancestor  six generations back and break your power in the sixth, fifth, fourth, third, and second generations.

Now I break your power over person’s name father/mother andcut off any power ypu have over her/him through your involvement in this family at the point of ____ ‘s conception.

— This approach usually brings some release to the person and weakens the demon


2.       If you suspect an intergenerational root but for some reason can’t get confirmation;

“ in the name of Jesus, I take authority over  the intergenerational  spirit of (depression) coming through father’s bloodline and break your power in Jesus’ name. I forbid you to have any more power over person’s name.” or you could say

“ I break the power of the curse concerning (homosexuality) that has come through the mother’s bloodline in the name of Jesus Christ”


Getting  Completely  Rid of Demons


: By now, most of demons ‘ power should be gone as the result of inner healing and the breaking of intergenerational ties.  Often either because they admit there is still something there or because they refuse to leave, you will need to return to the inner healing  mode and deal  with additional garbage

1.       You should feel free to interrupt the process at any time to take care of whatever arises

a)      To take a break to discuss strategy with your team

b)      “ In the name of Jesus, I forbid the spirit world to hear what we are about to say”

2.       When you are ready , take authority and command that head spirit with all of his followers to leave.

a)      As at all other times, commands  should be firm and forceful but not loud.

b)      Jesus did not coax out demons as did the Pharisees of his day. He treated them roughly

; He cast (ekballo) them out (Mk 1:25)

c)       Be forceful, authoritative, and determined ,even as you are patient.

3.       There are several ways to get the demons out.

a)      Sometimes you can say simply say “ Spirit of _____” . I command you to leave/ come out in Jesus Name and to go to the feet of Jesus”  ; if they leave, well and good

b)      Usually, however, this is not enough. If the head demon refuses, command it to tell what right/grounds it still has to live in the person.

c)       Command it in the name of Jesus to tell the complete truth : You may find it useful to remind the demon again who he is, and how he and his kingdom have been defeated.

d)      Remind him of the cross and empty tomb. Demons don’t like to hear about the blood shed on the cross or the tomb from which Jesus escaped.

4.       Sealing the deal is to ask Jesus if he will have the angels lower the box or bag over tied-together demons and lock them in, so they are all together and none can escape.

5.       Check with the head  demon to see if all are locked in

6.       Ask angels to take them Jesus and ask Jesus to dispose the box/bag and separate the demons from the person forever.  The person usually sees what Jesus does  with the box/bag.

7.       When Jesus has disposed of it, “ I separate the demons from person’s name as far as the East is from the West and place the cross on which Jesus died and tomb from which he rose again between  person’s name and these demons forever.  I forbid any of these demons to ever return or to send  any others”

8.       The best length of deliverance ministry is two and a half to three hours.

9.       If you have worked long enough but more remains, simply shut the demons down by commanding them not to cause the person any harm “ until the next time they are challenged in the name of Jesus”  for future ministry by another person


Tactics – Theirs and Ours


1.       Demons like to delude you about their presence

a)       Command the demon you want to respond to you.

b)      If this doesn’t work, force another demon to tell you what the one you want is doing and if he is still there.

c)       As the more powerful ones get weakened, they have less ability to resist such orders


2.       Demons sometimes will respond one after another to confuse you

a)      Simply command the one you want by name and forbid him to allow another to talk until you address that other one.

b)      You are in charge. Don’t let them take control.


3.       Demons often talk big to get you to fear them

a)      Demons  seldom are as big or powerful as they contend, even if they cause weird facial expressions, pain, and bodily distortions.

b)      When you call their bluff and remind them who they are and who you are, they get in line.


4.       Demons will deceive and lie

a)      Take everything demons say with a grain of salt.

b)      Order them to tell the  truth but still don’t trust them

c)       Always be on your guard aginst their attempts to mislead you and to get you to leave them alone.

d)      Even though they say “ I’m leaving now” or “I’m  gone” : Don’t believe statements like those. Keep pressing until the deal is sealed.


5.       Demons often give excuses  and  even plead to be allowed to stay

a)      “This is my home. Where would I go? ” “ I only help her”  “ If I promise not to hurt him, will you let me stay ? “ “ I don’t want to leave” “ That’s not fair”  : no concessions from me

b)      Don’t allow them to enter someone else.

c)       Don’t fall any such bargaining and don’t wea


6.       Demons will try to wear you and the person down

a)      Demons use fatigue in any way they can, so don’t let sessions get  too  long.  Take breaks from time to time.

b)      If demons won’t come out no matter what you do, don’t get discouraged. Schedule further sessions and arrange for more experienced person to be on the ministry team.

c)       It is good to give the person ’homework’ like prayer and worship, bible study,  dealing independently with unfinished inner healing , challenging demons themselves, playing and singing praise songs,

d)      If deliverance is in God’s timing, and the person’s will is properly engaged, most attempts to free a person will eventually be successful.

e)      With Love and patience to lead the person to be freed.


7.       The person usually knows when the demons leave

a)      The person usually has a sizeable feeling of relief, as if a great weight had been removed.

b)      Frequently, the person will feel the demons leave through an orifice- the mouth (burp, yawn  or shout) , nose, eyes, ears, anus or vagina

c)       Sometimes shaking of body

d)      Often the person is intent on watching Jesus deal with the box as the demons leave and then on receiving a hug from Jesus .

e)      Only after that picturing does  the  person physically sense release.


8.       Fill the space emptied of demons with  blessings

a)      Spirit of fear – bless with peace and hope

b)      Spirit of  anger – bless with patience and forgiveness

c)       Spirit of self-rejection – bless with self-acceptance and love


Post-Deliverance Counseling


1.       “ In Jesus’  name we forbid any of these spirits or any other to return. We declare that this person belongs totally to Jesus Christ and allow no further  trespassing  by Enemy agents”


2.       “ Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4;7)


3.       We should strongly remind  delivered people of who they are in Christ. : The Enemy has been lying to them about this. Freed people need to assert their will in a new way to make the truth theirs.


4.       Believers are Jesus’ children(Rom 8:14-17) .., Any fear they feel is to be banished since fear is not from God (2 Tm 1:7)


5.       The person will need to get into a support group and begin with a professional Christian Counsellor.


6.       It is very important for freed ones to keep clean of whatever the demons attached themselves to.


7.       Personal spiritual growth – prayer, praise, worship and devotions


Now Go and Do the Stuffs


1.       Maintain the person’s dignity at all times

: Do your best to keep the person from being hurt or embarrassed,  Forbid the demons to cause violence, vomiting, pain, or any other discomfort.

2.       It is loving to weaken the demons through inner healing before and during deliverance


3.       Before each session, have others ( especially intercessors) praying for you


4.       Cleanse the room of all evil spirits before starting a deliverance


5.       Strengthen the person’s will at every opportunity

: There are three keys to deliverance— God’s power, Person’s will  and getting rid of garbage the demons cling to in the person


6.       Continually encourage the person during and after the session

7.       Anointing oil that has been blessed may help

8.       Cleanse buildings and objects infested with enemy power ;

Anointing  oil, sign of the cross,

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