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Defeating Dark Angels Chap. 8. Getting Information from Demons

2015.12.08 09:27


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Julie’s case

:  35-year old missionary who had been suffering from depression for  nearly a year was inhabited by a demon.  What was not  clear was how to get it out.

a)      For one thing, the demon spoke only German, we could not understand it.

b)      I decided to go all out to get from the demons the information we needed.

c)       We increased the pressure on the demons in Julie to reveal more information to us. : By the power of Holy Spirit, we were ableto get an English speaking demon to speak to us

d)      The leader was a spirit of control; he was exerting a lot of control over the situation and gotten into Julie early in her life.

e)      The spirit of control invites depression and other demons in.  Because of his pride and arrogance , he volunteered quite a lot of information concerning what he was attached to.

f)       As we learned these things, we were able to help Julie to forgive, give Jesus  her anger and finally to give up her fear that if the demons left her she would no longer have her considerable organization skills.

g)      Also we were able to help her to give up her very low opinion of herself .

h)      By following the clues given us by the demons , we were able to accomplish the necessary inner healing and then cast out the weakened demons.


Should We Seek Information From Demons?

; Many believe it is not a good idea to seek information from demons

1.       Four Negative Four sources

a)      A misuse verses such as Luke 4;41 where Jesus commanded demons to be silent “ because they knew that he was the Messiah”

b)      The knowledge that demons can’t be trusted, coupled with the fear that when we get information from them, we are not going to be able to prevent ourselves from being misled.

c)       A lack of understanding that it is possible to be in the control of the situation through the awesome power of the holy Spirit.

d)      Some reason that by allowing demons to talk through the person, we are giving them more power over the person than they would have had.

2.       Objections

a)      Many assert  that Jesus refused  to talk to demons : This is not quite accurate.

— Those who argue from Jesus’ example that we should  not talk to demons get no support from Scripture. We should not let demons take control of any situation.

b)      Demons  can’t  be trusted. : It is true. But real issue is not whether we can trust demons , but whether we can trust ourselves and God to discern what of the things they say is usable and what will mislead us.  Most of what demons say can be checked out. It can be alsocontrolled.

c)       We should not let the demons be in charge

: When the Holy Spirit is in charge, we need not fear the demons because he is in charge of them too.

d)      When demons use a person’s voice they gain more power

: Under the power of the Holy Spirit, a demon is forced against his will to do what he already has the power  to do.


Linda , A previous Deliverance Botched


:Linda who had been a national leader in the New Age movement , had become a Christian five years ago. ; She had been bleeding internally for no medically discernable reason.

a)      A greater problem was the constant fear that kept her from almost any activity, including sleep.

b)      We began by asking Jesus to come and bring healing and deliverance.

c)       We blessed Linda with peace and invited the Holy Spirit to rest gently upon her.

d)      We commanded the demon to tell its name ; “Fear of Failure” and told us that when she was at six, she burned down her father’s store, “ On that day,” “I was terribly afraid and vowed never again to fail”

e)      We asked  Linda to bow her head in prayer as we invited Jesus to take Linda back to that time. Jesus came. ; Linda vividly pictured Jesus holding her in front of the burning store and pronouncing her forgiven.

f)       We then commanded it to leave and go to the feet of Jesus , never to return.

g)      Linda continues to be free from fear of the failure.  And also experienced freedom from her other fears and from her physical problems.


Some Reasons It is Helpful to get Information From Demons


; Getting information from demons is an invaluable tool in helping the wounded.  I have seen God bring his healing and love through our forcing information from demons.


1.       Much information  can be gained that can be used against the demons .

2.       Information from demons can speed healing and lead to deliverance.

3.       Healing requires information beyond simply knowing a demon is present.

4.       Forcing demons to give us information weakens them.

5.       Hearing demons confess their lies provides the client with a big boost.

6.       Learning during deliverance to recognize the demon’s voice is very helpful after deliverance.



Some Cautions When Getting Information From Demons


1.       Caution 1 ; Never trust anything a demon says without checking out.

a)       Most of the information we want from demons is the kind illustrated in the preceding paragraph.

b)       Checking it out is a simple matter of going to the event indicated and letting Jesus repair the damage.

c)       I have found  what demons reveal so accurate concerning what needs to be dealt with to weaken their grip, that I tend to trust what they say in this area.


2.       Caution 2 : knowing demons seek to deceive alerts us to command them to tell the truth in the name of Jesus

a)      Since it is their nature to deceive, don’t expect them to tell the truth unless they are commanded to.

b)      The fact that they tell the truth so often under such a circumstance  is surely the result of the Holy Spirit’s influence.

c)       It is important to develop discernment in this area.


3.       Caution 3 : Deceit is not the same as lying

a)      The myth is abroad that demons always lie. That is definitely not true.

b)      Remember  that in the temptation of Jesus , it was not the lies but the misuse of truth that  Satan used (Luke 4; 1-13)

c)       Deceit is a broader concept than lying. Master deceivers like  Satan and demons are too smart to lie if they can accomplish their purposes by misusing the truth.


4.       Caution 4 : Don’t let demons  distract or control any part of Ministry

; Often demons will try to talk a lot, change the subject or otherwise attempt to control the session.  Don’t allow them to do this. It is a power game.


5.       Caution 5 : Demons bluff : Don’t let them scare you

a)      Oftentimes, a demon will try to scare you and your client. Or They will use bluff to get you to leave them alone.

b)      Demons also cause pain, call people names, threaten to enter you or members of the deliverance team, or to kill you or them, declare they’ll never leave, pretend they are a huge principality with more power than you- all to get you “ off their backs”

c)       Remember who you are and the authority you have in Jesus. You have infinitely more power on your side than they do.

d)      Command them in a firm but calm voice, to obey you.

e)      The power of Jesus is awesome! It is exciting to see how quickly the demons have to respond to it, especially once the garbage is taken care of.


6.       Caution 6 ; There is no sure-fire set of directions as to how best to get information from demons

a)      No two demons are exactly alike.

b)      Don’t look for any formula  for dealing with demons. Continually ask Jesus what to do next and you’ll be surprised as what he shows you.


    The Most Important Point

; Whatever we learn about technique, we must not lose sight of the most important point in any healing ministry – there is no substitute for listening to God.

Our greatest weapon is our intimacy with the Father.

Learning to listen to him and doing what he wants are both the greatest challenge and greatest satisfaction.

My experience has shown that we learn to hear God’s voice as we step out in ministry.


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