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Defeating Dark Angels Chap. 3. Demonization in Christians

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Chapter 3  Demonization in Christians


“Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the power of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph. 6:11-12) –struggle (wrestle) is from ‘pale’(Greek word) that means ‘hand –to –hand combat ; fight with sticking or pressing together ; not one fire from big gun

Murphy and I (see chapter one) believed that the following biblical verse and several others proved that Christians couldn’t be demonized :

“But you belong to God , my children, and have defeated false prophets, because the Spirit who is in you is more powerful than the spirit in those who belong to the world “ (1 John 4:4)

–This verse can’t mean that the presence of the Holy Spirit within Christians makes it impossible for dark angels to live in them.

– It needs paradigm shift

Q1) 100% belong to God ?

Q2) Small battle remained even though we win the war

·       *  Angela Case : Not crazy but demonized

; Angela is a Sunday school teacher at the large church and she is the mother of two beautiful young children and has been a Christian since she was sixteen years old. She loves Jesus.

When we met her, she was desperate. Since early childhood, she had been fighting against what she called “evil powers”. As a child, she would wake up every night and feel evil spirits trying to touch her. After she became a Christian, these experiences seemed to subside, although she still encountered them some nights.

However, the past two years had been worse than ever before.

The ‘evil powers’ were waking her up in the night, closing in on her and telling her to do terrible things to her family.


Angela had been in counseling with a Christian therapist for two years. She had received much support from that counselor as well as from her pastor, a church friends and loving family.


None of them, however, raised the possibility of demonic influence. Even with all their help, she couldn’t get rid of the troubling voices and fears.


After hearing the conference teaching on Christians and demonization, though, she came to us in tears. “until now, she cried , I thought I was crazy, I had given up the hope. Now I know it is not just me, that these evil powers are demons. For the  first time in years, I have hope that I can get well”


Angela was right. During a ministry session, Holy Spirit clearly revealed that she was demonized. She was wonderfully delivered of the demonic spirits that had been troubling her since her childhood.  Jesus also healed her of the emotional wounds to which the spirits were attached. Her life was changed. And she is now ministering the love and healing of Jesus to others in her church.


·        * Can demons live in Christians?

; The discussion over whether Christians can have demons living within them stems from two sources

1)      The terms that are used

2)      The lack of experience within the Christian community in delivering people from demons (even the pastors!!)

Ex) ‘demon possession’ ; it should label only those who are  totally controlled by demons that their whole being is taken over by alien personality from time to time ; very rare in Christians

—compare to the people who have demons living within them

Ex) Dickason “Demon possession and Christian” treats the people – 400 cases of those who were genuine Christians who were also demonized  from 1974 to 1987 —

The question of whether Christian can have demons is like asking whether Christians can have cancer.

Many clinical experiences concluded that Christians can and regularly do carry demons. They also discovered that the power of Christ can break the demon’s power and banish them from the believers in whom they have been trespassing.

One significant fact is that “demons can not indwell a Christian in the same sense that the Holy Spirit indwells.

God’s Spirit enters a believer at salvation, permanently, never to leave(Jn 14:16). A demon, by contrast, enters as a squatter and an intruder and is subject to momentary eviction. A demon never rightfully or permanently indwells a saint, as the Holy Spirit does. (cf: illegally stay)

Ex) In Jennifer’s case ; by commanding demons to tell me if they live in person’s spirit. They consistently reply something like “No. I can’t get in there because Jesus lives there. When they are commanded to tell when they had to leave the Christian’s spirit, they give  the exact date of the person’s conversion.

Conslusion : demons cannot live in that innermost part of Christians, their spirit, since it is joined to and filled with the Holy Spirit. Demons can invade even the spirits of unbelievers that they can have greater control of them

(cf : They stay in the part of Soul of Christians ; heart, knowledge, emotion, will)

—-Many of God’s people are suffering from demons and it is imperative that  we fellow Christians learn how to help them with the compassion of Jesus !! That is why you are here tonight!!!

(cf: Most people are trying to send them to the hospital for psychiatric tx. But once medication starts, hard to heal with this ministry,  not fundamental treatment either )

·     *    How demonization happens

; demons can gain entrance in several ways

1)      Demons can enter by invitation

Ex 1) Jerry ; 5-yr-old boy ran and hid behind the couch to escape the blows from his father; he silently cried out “Help!!” and he immediately felt comforted. From that time on, His comforter was in fact a demon and also doing destructive things in his life.

Ex2) Amy ; felt angry over her helplessness and began searching for power by reading occult books and listening to satanic rock music. She soon found she could make things happen by wishing them.

Ex3) Conscious invitations- New Age movement, Freemasonry, Christian Science, Scientology, Attending séances, fortune tellers, table tilting, levitation, Ouija boards, tarot cards, etc.


Ex4) Unconscious invitations- frequently occurs when on ‘wallows’ in a negative attitude resulting from a difficult past experience ;

For example, a person who is being physically or emotionally mistreated is reacting normally by getting angry. When, however, anger is clung to, causing permanent resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness, a weakness is created that can give the Enemy opportunity to enter the person.

— Such attitude create what I call emotional or spiritual ‘garbage’ that demons can feed on.

–          Demons can’t enter and stay without legal right. They gain this right when we do not get rid of normal, yet potentially harmful, reactions such as anger. The anger itself is not a sin.

–          “If you become angry, not let your anger lead you into sin and do not stay angry all day. Don’t give the Devil a chance”(Eph 4 :26-27)

–          “Get rid of all bitterness, passion, anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead be kind and tender-hearted to one another and forgive one another as God has forgiven you through Jesus Christ (Eph4;31-32)

–          Jesus strongly emphasizes the need to forgive (Lord’s prayer)

–          “Forgiveness” is very important in this ministry!!! –unconditionally forgive the person in the name of Jesus

–          Wallowing in unconfessed sin : sexual sins, misuse of power, pledging supreme allegiance to someone or something other than the true God is another common unconscious invitation to demons

–          Repeatedly giving in to potentially addictive behavior ; pornography, drugs, lustful thoughts, envy, worry, fear and self-hate etc. (Gal 5;19-21 human natures


So , demons can’t enter, then, simply because a person commits sin. They can, however, enter if a person choose not to repent or to resolve any given sin and consequently wallows in it. Continuance in sinful attitudes creates opportunity for demonization. Sins of the flesh need to be repented of and resolved before they become demonic “runways” by the power of Holy Spirit.  (cf : no ministry reponse means the lack of repentance and forgiveness)


2)      Persons can be demonized through the invitation of someone in authority over them

Ex1) Tricia was brought up in satanic family. Her mother, in accordance with her satanic faith, dedicated Tricia to Satan. At that point, one or more demons entered in Tricia.

Ex2) Some mothers sought spirit power to become pregnancy, Adults who submit to Buddhist temple ritual, fortune teller, cult leaders can become demonized through dedication or satanically empowered blessings

3)      Demonization through inheritance


Ex1) Children may become demonized through heredity- passing on of generational or ‘bloodline’ spirits/power ; Freemasonry

Ex2) weakness or ‘hook’ that allowed a demon to attach itself –from both father and mother

Ex3) Family or familiar spirit ; spirits that are passed down through the generations within a family – causes similar emotional problems, sins, illnesses, or compulsions from generation to generation ,–examples like alcoholism, depression, sexual perversion, hyper-criticism, extreme fearfulness, cancer, diabetes, or almost any other emotional or physical problem or besetting sins – one woman’s grandmother, her mother, and she herself had needed hysterectomies in almost the same ages


4)      Demons enter through cursing

; Cursing is very common to be a major factor in the power a demon has over a person. But cursing does not always result in demonization.

–          Cursing and its siblings –dedication, oath making, the casting spells, and hexes  often combine with other factors to bring about demonization

–          If s person doesn’t have some such inner weakness or if that person is protected through intercessory prayer, a curse would simply ‘bounce off “ without being able to enter. (Prov 26:2)


5)      Others : souvenir in mission field or tour, medias (Music, TV, books,internet etc) accidents, rape, sexual harassment, animals, touching, intercessory prayer without full armor of God, gifts, marriage life, meeting with other peoples, new places, travels etc.


·       *  What freeing people from demons entails

1)      Our subject is people, not demons, technique or even healing

; It is people God loves. It is people God wants to free. It is people over whom the battle is fought between God and Satan.  Our job is to minister to people.

2)      Our object ; to free people at the deepest level

; like that of Jesus (LK 4;18-19) to free prisoners from whatever problems the Enemy is utilizing to hurt and harass them.

–          The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

–          Our task is to discover the deeper problem and claim the power of Holy Spirit to bring to it whatever healing God desires to bring.

3)      People are tightly interconnected

; Physical, Emotional and Spiritual factors are involved and we need to take a comprehensive approach to those who hurt.

4)      Never assume the problem is simply physical, emotional spiritual or demonic ; mostly several sufferings

Ex) splitting headache (physical) with angry and bitter(emotional)  and guilty and unforgiving (spiritual) and demonic influence of death, hate, rejection, guilt, control and many more

5)      If there are demons, they are attached to something inside the person

; Demons can’t live in a person without something to feed on . Something always will be in the person that gives the demons a ‘right’ to be there.

– Demons are like  rats and rats go for garbage

– Demons usually attach themselves to emotional or spiritual problems. Getting a demonized person well means dealing primarily with the emotional or spiritual garbage and only secondarily with getting demons out.

– They tend to focus on getting rid of the demons as soon as possible in deliverance ministry. If they get the demons out without healing the emotional or spiritual hurts, however, chances are high that demons will return. They can legally reclaim their right to feed on the garbage, since it is still there.

– When we get demons out, we want them stay out, so we try to make sure the garbage is gone too. – needs to treat with

‘Inner healing’ or ”deep level healing”

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