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Defeating Dark Angels Chap. 7. Dealing with the Garbage through Inner Healing

2015.12.08 09:26


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Garbage First, Then Demons

Many in deliverance go after the demons right away. That approach presents at least two problems:

1.       First, it challenges the demons when they are strong: This can result in a big fight that is not good either for the deliverance team or for the person in whom demons live.

2.       Second, the amount of what I’m calling garbage may be so great that the person is sitting duck either for the banished demons to come back or for others like them to take advantage of the situation.

What Inner Healing is

Inner Healing or as I prefer to call it “ deep-level healing” is a ministry in the power of Holy Spirit aimed to bring healing to the whole person.

a)      Since the majority of human ailments are closely tied to damage in the emotional and spiritual areas, inner healing focuses there.

b)      It seeks to bring the power of Christ to bear on healing the roots from which damage springs.

c)       Inner healing focuses ‘the healing of memories’

d)      Specific problems  often encountered : unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, rejection, low self-esteem, fear, worry, and sexual issues

e)      Two additional definitions of Inner healing (Tapscott and Seamands)

1)      The healing of inner person – the mind, the emotions, the painful memories, the dreams. It is the process whereby we are set free from feelings of resentment, rejection, self-pity, depression, guilt, fear, sorrows, hatred, inferiority, condemnation, or worthlessness etc.

2)      Roman 12:2 says “ And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” – Inner healing is the renewing of your mind.

3)      Inner healing is a form of Christian counselling and prayer which focuses the healing power of Holy Spirit on certain types of emotional /spiritual problems.

f)       Ideally we would have dealt honestly with each hurt at or soon after the time it happened. ; This is done by facing our true feelings, admitting them, and allowing Jesus to take charge. — He has invited us to come to him with all our heavy loads (Mt. 11:28)

g)      By Paul, we need to deal with our anger and presumably, other such reactions before the end of every day (Eph. 4:26)

h)      The fact that we have ordinarily not kept such “short account” with our hurts, leaving them to fester within us results in mild to severe disruption in three relationships : with Gods, with ourselves, and with others. — Disruption in these areas creates most of the garbage the Enemy takes advantage of.

1)      The ideal  relationship  with God  would see us as new and growing creature (2 Cor 5:17) , united with the Lord and one with him in spirit (1 Cor 5;17)

2)      The ideal relationship with self would see us accepting, loving and forgiving ourselves as God accepts, loves, and forgives us.  ( 1 Jn 3:1, Rom 8:14-17, Gal 4: 4-7)

3)      The ideal relationship with others would see us as accepting, loving, and forgiving others as God accepts, loves, and forgives them, and as he has enables us to accept, love and forgive ourselves.

4)      Such relational illness tends to show us in emotional problems- guilt, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and fear.

5)      Such emotional illness is often signaled by a fear of facing the past. : Our brains record everything that happens in our lives.  However they also hide and suppress the recall of the heavy stuff.

6)      Hiding our inner stuff without dealing with it affects the three relationships mentioned above.

i)        God’s way is honesty and truth. He wants us to face the past squarely and deal with it with his help. However spiritual surgery, like physical surgery, is often painful.


Applying the Principles


Example of Sue:

Sue harbored deep anger towards her husband from all the verbal abuse. We asked her to picture herself in that situation and invited Jesus to make Himself visible. She was able to see Jesus in that situation and how her husband was also a victim. This enabled her to forgive him in the situation and gave the pile of all the emotional “garbage” to Jesus to lift her burdens. After this, the demon of Anger had no hold over her. Inner healing is essential in bringing total healing to the demonized person. It is much more effective than simply casting Anger out because the garbage would still be in Sue.


Inner Healing Ministers the Love of Jesus


The most important reason for inner healing is that it allows us to demonstrate the love of Jesus. It is the main goal of deliverance or any healing ministry. If it isn’t done in love, then it isn’t being done in Jesus’ way. In the Bible, Jesus cast out demons calmly and showed love to the victims. This love and Holy Spirit’s gentle guidance builds trust and intimacy with Jesus necessary for overall healing.


Helpful Tips for Accomplishing Inner Healing


1.       Invite Jesus to appear to the person within the situation- this makes it clear that we can’t explain why the situation occurred but Satan wanted to destroy them and failed because Jesus, the stronger one, protected them.

2.       A longer procedure we often use is to take the person back to the womb- leading the person to picture as far back as to their conception to start healing from then to each stage of life afterwards.

3.       A useful procedure to use with miscarriages and abortions (or other deaths)- picture the baby (or others) and talk to them as if they were born, give them names and express regrets or apologies if necessary, then give them lovingly to Jesus.

4.       How to deal with adulterous relationships and other bonding of human spirits- first confess all sins and be forgiven, then break any bonds with whom the relationship have been made. Also works for soul ties.

Inner Healing Together with Professional Counseling

It would be ideal for professional counseling to work in the power of the Holy Spirit. However, this is rarely the case so we recommend seeking a combination of Christian counseling as well as inner healing and deliverance. Christian counseling can be crucial to becoming whole. Although nothing is as healing as the power of the Holy Spirit, both methods resolves the issues at hand. “Inner healing is one and only one of such healing ministries and should never be made the one and only form, for such overemphasis leads to exaggeration and misuse.”


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